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When people think of makeup we think of compact mirrors and glamorous pictures. Many of the makeup trends we use today derived from the Middle East and Northern Africa. It was not a choice, but a privilege to be adorned and highlighted with various hues. Beautiful women of Egypt rubbed gold shimmer minerals in their skin called ochre; it was used to brighten and bronze. The eye, the "message" of the Nile was highlighted and lined with the black mineral kohl.

Just like many women were adorned with colorful palettes of yesterday, Dawn Aisha is doing that today. Not as a privilege but an opportunity for all women to be a stunning, striking, and picturesque diva.

Dawn Aisha is a highly regarded professional when it comes to business and cosmetics. She has been in the beauty industry since 2003, steadily perfecting her craft, one face at a time. 

Her experience has personified the spectrum of beauty. Her expertise has taken her to enhance some of the most sought after runway models to weddings, prom, graduation, print, video/commercial production, or just a well deserved make over.

Dawn Aisha has taken Houston by storm by creating some of the most avant garde, couture fashion, edgy, and classy looks anyone could imagine.

Not only is she a guiding light in the lone star state, Dawn is looking to expand nationally and globally exceeding all expectations when it comes to making a statement with her exquisite facial palettes, professionalism, and trendsetting appeal to the fashion conscious and fashion righteous.

The Artist...

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